7 questions to seize the essence of today

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via: Robert D. Smith

This weekend’s read is by Robert D. Smith on questions to ask yourself to help you live everyday like it’s your last.

The manner in which you begin your day determines how well you live it. To live each day to its true potential, you must begin the day with intention. These seven questions are the perfect tools for infusing purpose into each precious day you are given.

  1. Whose life am I going to brighten today?
  2. What three things am I most grateful for today?
  3. What memories am I going to create today?
  4. What challenge am I going to overcome today?
  5. What value am I going to create today?
  6. How much joy can I create for others and myself today?
  7. What life changing decision(s) am I going to make today?

Check out the complete post for explanations to each of these questions.

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read more

A reporter once asked Warren Buffett what his secret to success was. Buffett pointed to a stack of books and financial newspapers and said,

Read 500 pages like this everyday. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will…” ~Warren Buffett

Moral of the story: you can always read more. Make it a priority to learn all you can. Be a sponge for knowledge, wisdom and insight.

Go first

go first

If you’ve ever tried to go first in anything, you know just how scary it can be sometimes.

First to start a new project. First in a new industry. First to offer up ideas. First to critique. First to speak. First to try something different.
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