Kaizen – business philosophy applied to life

Kaizen is a Japanese term generally used in a business environment to define continuous improvement.

It refers to activities and processes that continuously improve the functions of a businesses employees (from the CEO on down through the organization).

The aim of Kaizen thinking is to eliminate waste in a business environment (whether it’s material waste, wasted time, wasted money in fixing defects, overproduction, etc).

I believe this way of thinking can be applied to every day life – personally and professionally.

After all, what are good habits? They are a set of predefined processes that result in a positive outcome.

So if we apply this to ourselves, Kaizen is simply individual continuous improvement – personal development.

What does this mean?

If you aren’t actively searching out ways to improve yourself by finding and eliminating waste in your life, the chances of success go way down. If businesses use a Kaizen based approach to achieve long term success, why wouldn’t you?