What do you value?

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Identifying your core values in life is crucial to your existence on Earth.

Values are your guiding light. They provide you with direction in every aspect of your life.

Governments…businesses…charities…YOU! Everyone has core values. The tricky part is identifying what they are and why they’re important to you.

Neglecting values in the face of uncertainty, scrutiny or loads of pressure is easy to do. I certainly have. I believe writing them down and posting them somewhere visible in your home will help steer you towards what’s most important in your life and away from distraction.

I recently went through this exercise. Honestly, it was difficult to get everything into words. It took a lot of quiet time to really dig deep and get them on paper.

Here are my core values:

I value my…

faith because it grants me peace, security and happiness. 

family & relationships because they grant me stability and fulfillment. 

health because it grants me strength and energy.  

priorities because they grant me focus. 

positive attitude because it grants me opportunities. 

commitment because it grants me persistence and dedication. 

thinking because it grants me an advantage.  

growth because it grants me potential to reach new heights and push past old fears.

finances because they grants me options.

generosity & contribution because it grants me significance, meaning and motivation. 

Before I tackle each day I make a point to review my values. I ask myself whether or not I kept my values the day before. If not, I make sure that I do in the present day.

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